Print settings

Job NameCurvy_Vase
Date27/02/2021 02:13:16
OsWindows 6.1.7601
Cura Version4.8.0
ProfileNormal 210218
Material Extruder : 1PLA
Material estimation76.6 g
Printing Time0 d 2 h 58 mn
Extruder : 1 Quality
Layer Height0.32mm
Initial Layer Height0.2mm
Line Width0.5mm
Wall Line Width0.5mm
Outer Wall Line Width0.5mm
Inner Wall(s) Line Width0.5mm
Top/Bottom Line Width0.5mm
Infill Line Width0.5mm
Skirt/Brim Line Width0.5mm
Support Line Width0.5mm
Support Interface Line Width0.5mm
Support Roof Line Width0.5mm
Support Floor Line Width0.5mm
Prime Tower Line Width0.5mm
Initial Layer Line Width110%
Extruder : 1 Shell
Wall Extruder-1
Outer Wall Extruder-1
Inner Wall Extruder-1
Wall Thickness0.8mm
Wall Line Count3
Outer Wall Wipe Distance0.2mm
Top Surface Skin Extruder-1
Top Surface Skin Layers1
Top/Bottom Extruder-1
Top/Bottom Thickness0.8mm
Top Thickness0.8mm
Top Layers4
Bottom Thickness0.8mm
Bottom Layers3
Initial Bottom Layers3
Top/Bottom PatternLines
Bottom Pattern Initial LayerLines
Connect Top/Bottom PolygonsFalse
Top/Bottom Line Directions[ ]
Outer Wall Inset0mm
Optimize Wall Printing OrderFalse
Outer Before Inner WallsFalse
Alternate Extra WallFalse
Compensate Wall OverlapsTrue
Compensate Outer Wall OverlapsTrue
Compensate Inner Wall OverlapsTrue
Minimum Wall Flow0%
Prefer RetractFalse
Fill Gaps Between WallsNowhere
Filter Out Tiny GapsTrue
Print Thin WallsTrue
Horizontal Expansion0mm
Initial Layer Horizontal Expansion0mm
Hole Horizontal Expansion0mm
Z Seam AlignmentUser Specified
Z Seam PositionFront Left
Z Seam X0mm
Z Seam Y0mm
Seam Corner PreferenceNone
Z Seam RelativeFalsemm
No Skin in Z GapsFalse
Extra Skin Wall Count0
Enable IroningFalse
Iron Only Highest LayerTrue
Ironing PatternConcentric
Ironing Line Spacing0.1mm
Ironing Flow10%
Ironing Inset0.075mm
Ironing Speed14.6667mm/s
Ironing Acceleration1200mm/s²
Ironing Jerk8mm/s
Skin Overlap Percentage5%
Skin Overlap0.025mm
Extruder : 1 Infill
Infill Extruder-1
Infill Density5%
Infill Line Distance20mm
Infill PatternGrid
Connect Infill LinesTrue
Connect Infill PolygonsFalse
Infill Line Directions[ ]
Infill X Offset0mm
Infill Y Offset0mm
Randomize Infill StartFalse
Infill Line Multiplier1
Extra Infill Wall Count0
Cubic Subdivision Shell0.5mm
Infill Overlap Percentage10%
Infill Overlap0.05mm
Infill Wipe Distance0.125mm
Infill Layer Thickness0.32mm
Gradual Infill Steps0
Gradual Infill Step Height1.5mm
Infill Before WallsTrue
Minimum Infill Area0mm²
Infill SupportFalse
Infill Overhang Angle40°
Skin Removal Width1.5mm
Top Skin Removal Width1.5mm
Bottom Skin Removal Width1.5mm
Skin Expand Distance1.5mm
Top Skin Expand Distance1.5mm
Bottom Skin Expand Distance1.5mm
Maximum Skin Angle for Expansion90°
Minimum Skin Width for Expansion0mm
Skin Edge Support Thickness0mm
Skin Edge Support Layers0
Extruder : 1 Material
Default Printing Temperature220°C
Build Volume Temperature28°C
Printing Temperature220°C
Printing Temperature Initial Layer0°C
Initial Printing Temperature210°C
Final Printing Temperature205°C
Extrusion Cool Down Speed Modifier0.7°C/s
Default Build Plate Temperature70°C
Build Plate Temperature60°C
Build Plate Temperature Initial Layer65°C
Adhesion Tendency0
Surface Energy100%
Scaling Factor Shrinkage Compensation100%
Crystalline MaterialFalse
Anti-ooze Retracted Position-4mm
Anti-ooze Retraction Speed5mm/s
Break Preparation Retracted Position-16mm
Break Preparation Retraction Speed2mm/s
Break Preparation Temperature220°C
Break Retracted Position-50mm
Break Retraction Speed25mm/s
Break Temperature50°C
Flush Purge Speed0.5
Flush Purge Length60
End of Filament Purge Speed0.5
End of Filament Purge Length20
Maximum Park Duration300
No Load Move Factor0.9409
Wall Flow100%
Outer Wall Flow100%
Inner Wall(s) Flow100%
Top/Bottom Flow100%
Top Surface Skin Flow100%
Infill Flow100%
Skirt/Brim Flow100%
Support Flow100%
Support Interface Flow100%
Support Roof Flow100%
Support Floor Flow100%
Prime Tower Flow100%
Initial Layer Flow100%
Standby Temperature175°C
Extruder : 1 Speed
Print Speed55mm/s
Infill Speed55mm/s
Wall Speed55mm/s
Outer Wall Speed55mm/s
Inner Wall Speed55mm/s
Top Surface Skin Speed22mm/s
Top/Bottom Speed22mm/s
Support Speed55mm/s
Support Infill Speed55mm/s
Support Interface Speed36.6667mm/s
Support Roof Speed36.6667mm/s
Support Floor Speed36.6667mm/s
Prime Tower Speed55mm/s
Travel Speed120mm/s
Initial Layer Speed15mm/s
Initial Layer Print Speed15mm/s
Initial Layer Travel Speed32.7273mm/s
Skirt/Brim Speed15mm/s
Z Hop Speed10mm/s
Number of Slower Layers2
Equalize Filament FlowFalse
Maximum Speed for Flow Equalization100mm/s
Enable Acceleration ControlTrue
Print Acceleration1200mm/s²
Infill Acceleration1200mm/s²
Wall Acceleration1200mm/s²
Outer Wall Acceleration1200mm/s²
Inner Wall Acceleration1200mm/s²
Top Surface Skin Acceleration1200mm/s²
Top/Bottom Acceleration1200mm/s²
Support Acceleration1200mm/s²
Support Infill Acceleration1200mm/s²
Support Interface Acceleration1200mm/s²
Support Roof Acceleration1200mm/s²
Support Floor Acceleration1200mm/s²
Prime Tower Acceleration1200mm/s²
Travel Acceleration1200mm/s²
Initial Layer Acceleration600mm/s²
Initial Layer Print Acceleration600mm/s²
Initial Layer Travel Acceleration600mm/s²
Skirt/Brim Acceleration600mm/s²
Enable Jerk ControlTrue
Print Jerk8mm/s
Infill Jerk8mm/s
Wall Jerk8mm/s
Outer Wall Jerk8mm/s
Inner Wall Jerk8mm/s
Top Surface Skin Jerk8mm/s
Top/Bottom Jerk8mm/s
Support Jerk8mm/s
Support Infill Jerk8mm/s
Support Interface Jerk8mm/s
Support Roof Jerk8mm/s
Support Floor Jerk8mm/s
Prime Tower Jerk8mm/s
Travel Jerk8mm/s
Initial Layer Jerk8mm/s
Initial Layer Print Jerk8mm/s
Initial Layer Travel Jerk8mm/s
Skirt/Brim Jerk8mm/s
Extruder : 1 Travel
Enable RetractionTrue
Retract at Layer ChangeFalse
Retraction Distance6mm
Retraction Speed40mm/s
Retraction Retract Speed40mm/s
Retraction Prime Speed30mm/s
Retraction Extra Prime Amount0mm³
Retraction Minimum Travel2mm
Maximum Retraction Count90
Minimum Extrusion Distance Window6mm
Limit Support RetractionsTrue
Combing ModeOff
Max Comb Distance With No Retract0mm
Retract Before Outer WallFalse
Avoid Printed Parts When TravelingTrue
Avoid Supports When TravelingFalse
Travel Avoid Distance0.625mm
Layer Start X0mm
Layer Start Y0mm
Z Hop When RetractedTrue
Z Hop Only Over Printed PartsTrue
Z Hop Height0.075mm
Z Hop After Extruder SwitchTrue
Z Hop After Extruder Switch Height0.075mm
Extruder : 1 Cooling
Enable Print CoolingTrue
Fan Speed50%
Regular Fan Speed50%
Maximum Fan Speed50%
Regular/Maximum Fan Speed Threshold10s
Initial Fan Speed0%
Regular Fan Speed at Height0.2mm
Regular Fan Speed at Layer3
Minimum Layer Time3s
Minimum Speed10mm/s
Lift HeadTrue
Generate SupportFalse
Support Extruder0
Support Infill Extruder0
First Layer Support Extruder0
Support Interface Extruder0
Support Roof Extruder0
Support Floor Extruder0
Support StructureTree
Tree Support Branch Angle40°
Tree Support Branch Distance1mm
Tree Support Branch Diameter2mm
Tree Support Branch Diameter Angle5°
Tree Support Collision Resolution0.25mm
Support PlacementEverywhere
Support Overhang Angle60°
Support PatternLines
Support Wall Line Count0
Connect Support LinesFalse
Connect Support ZigZagsTrue
Support Density10%
Support Line Distance5mm
Initial Layer Support Line Distance5mm
Support Infill Line Directions[ ]
Enable Support BrimTrue
Support Brim Width8mm
Support Brim Line Count15
Support Z Distance0.1mm
Support Top Distance0.1mm
Support Bottom Distance0.1mm
Support X/Y Distance0.7mm
Support Distance PriorityZ overrides X/Y
Minimum Support X/Y Distance0.2mm
Support Stair Step Height0.3mm
Support Stair Step Maximum Width5mm
Support Stair Step Minimum Slope Angle10°
Support Join Distance2mm
Support Horizontal Expansion0mm
Support Infill Layer Thickness0.32mm
Gradual Support Infill Steps0
Gradual Support Infill Step Height1mm
Minimum Support Area0mm²
Enable Support InterfaceTrue
Enable Support RoofTrue
Enable Support FloorTrue
Support Interface Thickness1mm
Support Roof Thickness1mm
Support Floor Thickness1mm
Support Interface Resolution0.3mm
Support Interface Density100%
Support Roof Density100%
Support Roof Line Distance0.5mm
Support Floor Density100%
Support Floor Line Distance0.5mm
Support Interface PatternConcentric
Support Roof PatternConcentric
Support Floor PatternConcentric
Minimum Support Interface Area1mm²
Minimum Support Roof Area1mm²
Minimum Support Floor Area1mm²
Support Interface Horizontal Expansion0mm
Support Roof Horizontal Expansion0mm
Support Floor Horizontal Expansion0mm
Support Interface Line Directions[ ]
Support Roof Line Directions[ ]
Support Floor Line Directions[ ]
Fan Speed OverrideFalse
Supported Skin Fan Speed100%
Use TowersFalse
Tower Diameter3mm
Maximum Tower-Supported Diameter3mm
Tower Roof Angle65°
Drop Down Support MeshTrue
Scene Has Support MeshesFalse
Build Plate Adhesion
Enable Prime BlobFalse
Extruder Prime X Position0mm
Extruder Prime Y Position0mm
Build Plate Adhesion TypeSkirt
Build Plate Adhesion Extruder0
Skirt Line Count3
Skirt Distance10mm
Skirt/Brim Minimum Length250mm
Brim Width4mm
Brim Line Count8
Brim Distance0mm
Brim Replaces SupportTrue
Brim Only on OutsideTrue
Raft Extra Margin15mm
Raft Smoothing5mm
Raft Air Gap0.3mm
Initial Layer Z Overlap0.15mm
Raft Top Layers2
Raft Top Layer Thickness0.32mm
Raft Top Line Width0.5mm
Raft Top Spacing0.5mm
Raft Middle Thickness0.48mm
Raft Middle Line Width1mm
Raft Middle Spacing1.2mm
Raft Base Thickness0.24mm
Raft Base Line Width0.8mm
Raft Base Line Spacing1.6mm
Raft Print Speed27.5mm/s
Raft Top Print Speed27.5mm/s
Raft Middle Print Speed20.625mm/s
Raft Base Print Speed20.625mm/s
Raft Print Acceleration1200mm/s²
Raft Top Print Acceleration1200mm/s²
Raft Middle Print Acceleration1200mm/s²
Raft Base Print Acceleration1200mm/s²
Raft Print Jerk8mm/s
Raft Top Print Jerk8mm/s
Raft Middle Print Jerk8mm/s
Raft Base Print Jerk8mm/s
Raft Fan Speed0%
Raft Top Fan Speed0%
Raft Middle Fan Speed0%
Raft Base Fan Speed0%
Extruder : 1 Mesh Fixes
Union Overlapping VolumesTrue
Remove All HolesFalse
Extensive StitchingFalse
Keep Disconnected FacesFalse
Merged Meshes Overlap0.15mm
Remove Mesh IntersectionFalse
Alternate Mesh RemovalTrue
Remove Empty First LayersTrue
Maximum Resolution0.5mm
Maximum Travel Resolution1mm
Maximum Deviation0.025mm
Special Modes
Print SequenceAll at Once
Infill MeshFalse
Mesh Processing Rank0
Cutting MeshFalse
Minimal Mold Width5mm
Mold Roof Height0.5mm
Mold Angle40°
Support MeshFalse
Anti Overhang MeshFalse
Surface ModeNormal
Spiralize Outer ContourFalse
Smooth Spiralized ContoursTrue
Relative ExtrusionFalse
Slicing ToleranceMiddle
Top Surface Skin Line Width0.5mm
Top Surface Skin PatternLines
Top Surface Skin Line Directions[ ]
Infill Travel OptimizationFalse
Auto TemperatureFalse
Flow Temperature Graph[[3.5,200],[7.0,240]][[mm³,°C]]
Minimum Polygon Circumference1mm
Break Up Support In ChunksFalse
Support Chunk Size20mm
Support Chunk Line Count4
Enable Draft ShieldFalse
Draft Shield X/Y Distance10mm
Draft Shield LimitationFull
Draft Shield Height10mm
Make Overhang PrintableFalse
Maximum Model Angle50°
Enable CoastingFalse
Coasting Volume0.064mm³
Minimum Volume Before Coasting0.8mm³
Coasting Speed90%
Cross 3D Pocket Size20mm
Cross Infill Density Image
Cross Fill Density Image for Support
Enable Conical SupportFalse
Conical Support Angle30°
Conical Support Minimum Width5mm
Fuzzy SkinFalse
Fuzzy Skin Outside OnlyTrue
Fuzzy Skin Thickness0.3mm
Fuzzy Skin Density1.251/mm
Fuzzy Skin Point Distance0.8mm
Flow Rate Compensation Max Extrusion Offset0mm
Flow Rate Compensation Factor100%
Wire PrintingFalse
WP Connection Height3mm
WP Roof Inset Distance3mm
WP Speed5mm/s
WP Bottom Printing Speed5mm/s
WP Upward Printing Speed5mm/s
WP Downward Printing Speed5mm/s
WP Horizontal Printing Speed5mm/s
WP Flow100%
WP Connection Flow100%
WP Flat Flow100%
WP Top Delay0s
WP Bottom Delay0s
WP Flat Delay0.1s
WP Ease Upward0.3mm
WP Knot Size0.6mm
WP Fall Down0.5mm
WP Drag Along0.6mm
WP StrategyCompensate
WP Straighten Downward Lines20%
WP Roof Fall Down2mm
WP Roof Drag Along0.8mm
WP Roof Outer Delay0.2s
WP Nozzle Clearance1mm
Use Adaptive LayersFalse
Adaptive Layers Maximum Variation0.1mm
Adaptive Layers Variation Step Size0.01mm
Adaptive Layers Topography Size0.2mm
Overhanging Wall Angle90°
Overhanging Wall Speed100%
Enable Bridge SettingsTrue
Minimum Bridge Wall Length5mm
Bridge Skin Support Threshold50%
Bridge Sparse Infill Max Density0%
Bridge Wall Coasting100%
Bridge Wall Speed27.5mm/s
Bridge Wall Flow50%
Bridge Skin Speed11mm/s
Bridge Skin Flow60%
Bridge Skin Density100%
Bridge Fan Speed100%
Bridge Has Multiple LayersTrue
Bridge Second Skin Speed11mm/s
Bridge Second Skin Flow100%
Bridge Second Skin Density75%
Bridge Second Skin Fan Speed0%
Bridge Third Skin Speed11mm/s
Bridge Third Skin Flow110%
Bridge Third Skin Density80%
Bridge Third Skin Fan Speed0%
Wipe Nozzle Between LayersFalse
Material Volume Between Wipes10mm³
Wipe Retraction EnableTrue
Wipe Retraction Distance6mm
Wipe Retraction Extra Prime Amount0mm³
Wipe Retraction Speed40mm/s
Wipe Retraction Retract Speed40mm/s
Wipe Retraction Prime Speed40mm/s
Wipe Pause0s
Wipe Z HopTrue
Wipe Z Hop Height0.075mm
Wipe Hop Speed10mm/s
Wipe Brush X Position100mm
Wipe Repeat Count5
Wipe Move Distance20mm
Small Hole Max Size0mm
Small Feature Max Length0mm
Small Feature Speed50%
Small Feature Initial Layer Speed50%
Machine TypeAnycubic Chiron
Show Machine VariantsFalse
Start G-codeM107 ; Start with the fan off G21 ; Set units to millimeters G91 ; Change to relative positioning mode for retract filament and nozzle lifting G1 F1000 Z4 ; Lift the nozzle 4mm before homing axes G90 ; Absolute positioning G28 X0 Y0 ; First move X/Y to min endstops G28 Z0 ; Then move Z to min endstops G28 Z0 ; A second time to even out the two Z endstops G1 F600 Z0 ; Lift the nozzle to sponge height M83 ; Set extruder to relative mode G1 F1000 X-12 Y15 ; Move to drooling area G1 F200 E30 ; Drool some filament at slow speed to have low pressure ; G1 F2400 E-6 ; Retract 6mm filament for a clean start G1 F600 Y55 ; run over sponge @10mm/s ; G1 F1000 Y40 ; run over sponge again G1 F600 Z4 ; Lift the nozzle to safe height G1 F6000 X0 ; Move the nozzle so it is over the bed M82 ; Set extruder to absolute mode ; G92 E-6 ; Set extruded length to true value ; G1 F2400 E-1 ; Un-retract to -1mm beacause Cura will reset E as next step ; set longer skirt length/distance. 30/15?
End G-codeM104 S0 ; Turn off hotend M106 S0 ; Turn off cooling fan M140 S0 ; Turn off bed G91 ; Change to relative positioning mode for filament retraction and nozzle lifting G1 F2400 E-6 ; Retract the filament a bit before lifting the nozzle G1 F1000 Z25 ; Lift nozzle 25mm G90 ; Change to absolute positioning mode to prepare for part rermoval G1 X-12 Y400 ; Move the print to max y pos for part rermoval M84 ; Disable motors
Material GUID0ff92885-617b-4144-a03c-9989872454bc
Wait for Build Plate HeatupTrue
Wait for Nozzle HeatupTrue
Include Material TemperaturesTrue
Include Build Plate TemperatureTrue
Machine Width400
Machine Depth400
Build Plate ShapeRectangular
Build Plate MaterialGlass
Machine Height450
Has Heated Build PlateTrue
Has Build Volume Temperature StabilizationFalse
Always Write Active ToolFalse
Is Center OriginFalse
Number of Extruders1
Number of Extruders That Are Enabled1
Outer Nozzle Diameter1mm
Nozzle Length3mm
Nozzle Angle45°
Heat Zone Length16mm
Enable Nozzle Temperature ControlTrue
Heat Up Speed2°C/s
Cool Down Speed2°C/s
Minimal Time Standby Temperature50s
G-code FlavorMarlin
Firmware RetractionFalse
Extruders Share HeaterFalse
Disallowed Areas[]
Nozzle Disallowed Areas[]
Machine Head & Fan Polygon[[-45, 50], [-45, -45], [45, 50], [45, -45]]
Gantry Height35
Nozzle IDunknown
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm
Offset with ExtruderTrue
Extruder Prime Z Position0mm
Absolute Extruder Prime PositionFalse
Maximum Speed X299792458000mm/s
Maximum Speed Y299792458000mm/s
Maximum Speed Z299792458000mm/s
Maximum Feedrate299792458000mm/s
Maximum Acceleration X9000mm/s²
Maximum Acceleration Y9000mm/s²
Maximum Acceleration Z100mm/s²
Maximum Filament Acceleration10000mm/s²
Default Acceleration4000mm/s²
Default X-Y Jerk20mm/s
Default Z Jerk0.4mm/s
Default Filament Jerk5mm/s
Steps per Millimeter (X)50
Steps per Millimeter (Y)50
Steps per Millimeter (Z)50
Steps per Millimeter (E)1600
X Endstop in Positive DirectionFalse
Y Endstop in Positive DirectionFalse
Z Endstop in Positive DirectionTrue
Minimum Feedrate0mm/s
Feeder Wheel Diameter10mm
Extruder : 1 Machine
Nozzle IDunknown
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm
Nozzle X Offset0mm
Nozzle Y Offset0mm
Extruder Start G-Code
Extruder Start Position AbsoluteFalse
Extruder Start Position X0mm
Extruder Start Position Y0mm
Extruder End G-Code
Extruder End Position AbsoluteFalse
Extruder End Position X0mm
Extruder End Position Y0mm
Extruder Prime Z Position0mm
Extruder Print Cooling Fan0