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DABCAST Wroclaw 22s 10A_DABCAST Wroclaw_2018-11-28_132912.fic
DIG D04 - WTHUR 44s 5D_DIG D04 - WTHUR_2016-11-29_101713.fic
TRT DAB+ 27s 12B_TRT DABplus_2018-10-05_090157.fic Notes: 'TRT DAB'
MTVNL 68s 7C_MTVNL_2016-05-31_182902.fic Notes: '7C MTVNL Emmen'
Mons-Charl-LaLou 123s 11B_Mons-Charl-LaLou_2022-02-10_171806.fic Notes: '11B Mons Charleroi La Louviere'
Lille-Local 3s 7C_2018-06-14_155121.fic
0s 8B_Métropolitain 1_2023-11-17_115135.fic Notes: 'METROPOLITAIN FRANCE VALENCIENNES'
NRK Reg3 SørRog 22s 13F_NRK Reg3 SørRog_2019-09-10_092316.fic
NRK Reg3 SørRog 56s 13F_NRK Reg3 SørRog_2019-09-12_101112.fic Notes: 'With TA'


DAB+ Austria 62s 8A_DAB Austria_2019-05-24_202421.fic Notes: '8A Schoeckl rec from Croatia'
DAB+ Austria 35s 6D_DABplus Austria_2020-01-13_175451.fic
DAB+ Austria 487s 6A_DAB Austria_2022-09-09_080821.fic
CityMUX Wien II 24s 11C_CityMUX Wien II_2018-04-04_230443.fic
DAB WIEN 120s 11D_DAB WIEN_2016-02-28_230347.fic Notes: 'Vienna'


DAB+ VRT 240s 12A_DABplus VRT_2017-11-06_162725.fic
DAB+ VRT 180s 12A_DABplus VRT_2018-04-19_111750.fic Notes: '12A VRT DAB+ NEW MNM Hits has PAD'
DAB+ VRT 97s 12A_DABplus VRT_2018-08-06_125950.fic
DAB+ VRT 104s VRT_DAB_TI.fic Notes: 'VRT DAB 2020 TI II'
DAB+ VRT 146s 12A_DABplus_VRT_2020-01-20_142903.fic
Norkring DAB+ 95s 11A_Norkring DABplus_2015-06-20_174751.fic Notes: 'DAB test Norkring test Gent'
DAB+ VLAANDEREN 239s 11A_DABplus VLAANDEREN_2017-11-06_160422.fic Notes: 'Belgium DAB+ VLAANDEREN'
DAB+ VLAANDEREN 179s 11A_DABplus VLAANDEREN_2018-04-19_112103.fic Notes: '11A Norkring DAB+ VL'
DAB+ VLAANDEREN 4s 11A_2018-08-22_225620.fic
DAB+ VLAANDEREN1 280s 11A_DABplus VLAANDEREN1_2023-05-27_080927.fic Notes: '11A 27052023'
DAB+ VLAANDEREN2 195s 5A_DABplus VLAANDEREN2_2023-05-27_080136.fic Notes: '5A 27052023'
DAB+ VLAANDEREN2 198s 5D_DABplus VLAANDEREN2_2023-05-27_080539.fic Notes: '5D 27052023'
RTBF DAB 241s 12B_RTBF DAB_2017-11-06_162118.fic
RTBF DAB 44s 12B_RTBF DAB_2018-01-03_112820.fic
RTBF DAB 445s 12B_RTBF DAB_2018-02-26_112102.fic Notes: 'RTBF DAB 28 02 2017 Belgium'
RTBF DAB 98s 5C_RTBF DAB_2018-09-11_173816.fic Notes: 'RTBF Testing local allotments Hainaut Mons Cloning 12B'
RTBF DAB 158s 6A_RTBF DAB_2018-09-11_173523.fic Notes: 'RTBF Testing local allotments Hainaut Mons'
RTBF DAB 61s 5B_RTBF DAB_2018-10-12_211354.fic Notes: '5B RTBF DAB VLESSART'
RTBF DAB 48s 12B_RTBF DAB_2018-11-13_181136.fic
Test Hainaut 1 39s 5C_Test Hainaut 1_2018-10-15_230330.fic Notes: '5C Hainaut 1'
Test Hainaut 1 212s 5C_Test Hainaut 1_2018-10-24_134539.fic
HAINAUT 1 262s 5C_HAINAUT 1_2020-01-20_131702.fic Notes: 'Hainaut 1'
Test Hainaut 2 90s 6A_Test Hainaut 2_2018-10-15_230511.fic Notes: 'Test Hainaut 2'
Test Hainaut 2 54s 6A_Test Hainaut 2_2018-11-14_184819.fic
HAINAUT 2 131s 6A_HAINAUT 2_2021-10-23_202652.fic Notes: 'Hainaut 2 6A'
Test Namur 1 35s 5B_Test Namur 1_2018-08-23_121246.fic Notes: '5B TESTS'
Test Namur 1 491s 6C_Test Namur 1_2018-08-23_115120.fic Notes: '6C TESTS'
Test Namur 1 60s 5B_Test Namur 1_2018-09-26_122316.fic Notes: '5B Test'
Test Nam-Lux 1 66s 5B_Test Nam-Lux 1_2018-11-14_183504.fic
NAM-LUX 1 35s 5B_NAM-LUX 1_2018-12-25_182833.fic
Test Namur 2 61s 6C_Test Namur 2_2018-09-26_122436.fic Notes: '6C Test'
Test Nam-Lux 2 58s 6C_Test Nam-Lux 2_2018-11-14_183314.fic
NAM-LUX 2 35s 6C_NAM-LUX 2_2018-12-25_182725.fic
Test Liège 1 61s 8D_Test Liege 1_2018-11-09_171340.fic
Test Liège 1 58s 8D_Test Liege 1_2018-11-14_200622.fic
LIEGE 1 61s 8D_LIEGE 1_2018-11-17_161355.fic
Test Liège 2 55s 6B_Test Liege 2_2018-11-09_162525.fic
Test Liège 2 48s 6B_Test Liege 2_2018-11-14_200843.fic
LIEGE 2 61s 6B_LIEGE 2_2018-11-17_162136.fic
Test Bruxelles 1 61s 11D_Test Bruxelles 1_2018-09-26_122717.fic Notes: 'test Bxl 1'
Test Bruxelles 2 3s 6D_2018-09-26_103017.fic
Test Bruxelles 2 61s 6D_Test Bruxelles 2_2018-09-26_122553.fic Notes: '6D test'
DAB+ OVL 228s 10C_DABplus OVL_2023-05-25_193810.fic
DAB+ OVL 192s 10C_DABplus OVL_2023-05-27_163028.fic Notes: '10C 27052023'
Vlaams Brabant 187s 10B_Vlaams Brabant_2023-06-02_175222.fic Notes: '10B VlBr 02062023'
Vlaams Brabant 134s 10b_vlaams_brabant_2023-06-08_161054.fic Notes: '10B_Vlaams_Brabant_2023-06-08_161054'
Vlaams Brabant 194s 10B_Vlaams Brabant_2023-06-08_193338.fic Notes: '10B VlBr 08062023'
Vlaams Brabant 209s 10B_Vlaams Brabant_2023-06-12_194201.fic Notes: '10B SIf update 12062023'


OIV DEMO 50s 9C_OIV DEMO_2018-03-20_105702.fic
OIV DEMO 120s 8C_OIV DEMO_2019-04-22_164032.fic Notes: 'Croatia Belje 8C OIV DEMO'
OIV Croatia DAB+ 120s 10C_OIV Croatia DAB_2022-11-07_123347.fic Notes: 'Villach'
OIV Croatia DAB+ 120s 9C_OIV Croatia DAB_2022-11-08_195804.fic Notes: 'Villach'


TELEKO DAB 132s 10A_TELEKO DAB_2017-11-02_153716.fic
RTI cz DAB 119s LJ_RTI cz DAB_2017-03-02_111911.fic
CRo DAB+ 125s 12C_CRo DABplus_2017-06-01_064555.fic


DR DAB1 6s 12C_DR DAB1_2014-12-18_231019.fic Notes: 'QTH Malmo Sweden'
DK DAB1 24s 12C_DK DAB1_2018-06-16_000459.fic Notes: 'MUX1 Denmark'
DR DAB2 5s 11C_DR DAB2_2014-12-18_231001.fic Notes: 'QTH Malmo Sweden'


MARSEILLE 8A 47s 8A_MARSEILLE 8A_2022-10-04_163250.fic Notes: 'DAB+ FRANCE MARSEILLE 8A'
RNT Nice 1 126s 11A_RNT Nice 1_2019-02-14_000829.fic Notes: 'NICE 1 11A'
RNT Nice 3 131s 11C_RNT Nice 3_2019-02-14_001703.fic
RNT NICE MUX 5 132s 9D_RNT NICE MUX 5_2019-02-14_000120.fic
RNT NICE 6 579s 8D_RNT NICE 6_2019-02-13_234951.fic
PARIS 6A 34s 6A_PARIS 6A_2022-10-28_113333.fic
RNT PARIS 3 12s 6D_RNT PARIS 3_2015-08-04_121523.fic
RNT PARIS 3 32s 6D_RNT PARIS 3_2018-12-25_184611.fic
PARIS 6D 36s 6D_PARIS 6D_2022-10-28_113834.fic
RNT Associative 17s 9A_RNT Associative_2018-12-26_134649.fic
RNT Paris 5 24s 9B_RNT Paris 5_2018-12-26_125252.fic
LILLE Etendu 0s 8A_2018-06-14_155308.fic Notes: 'DAB+ LILLE TESTS'
LILLE Etendu 52s 8A_LILLE Etendu_2018-06-15_150759.fic
LILLE Etendu 49s 8A_LILLE Etendu_2018-11-03_175114.fic
LILLE Etendu 60s 8A_LILLE Etendu_2019-06-27_001641.fic
LILLE 8A 60s 8A_LILLE 8A_2023-08-12_140538.fic
Lille-Local 61s 7C_Lille-Local_2018-11-03_173801.fic
'Lille-Local" 60s 7C_Lille-Local_2019-06-27_000341.fic
LILLE Normal 2 4s 7D_2018-06-14_154859.fic Notes: 'DAB+ LILLE TESTS'
LILLE Normal 2 88s 7D_LILLE Normal 2_2018-06-15_151201.fic
LILLE Local 2 59s 7D_LILLE Local 2_2018-11-03_174947.fic
LILLE Local 2 63s 7D_LILLE Local 2_2019-06-27_001446.fic
DAB COTE D'OPALE 61s 5B_DAB COTE D'OPALE_2023-08-12_140000.fic
BLAD 62s 11D_BLAD_2018-11-03_180053.fic
ARCACHON 11C 33s 11C_ARCACHON 11C_2022-10-09_190138.fic Notes: 'FRANCE ARCACHON 11C'
ARCACHON 11C 108s 11C_ARCACHON 11C_2022-10-09_191622.fic Notes: 'FRANCE ARCACHON 11C'
BORDEAUX 8C 70s 8C_BORDEAUX 8C_2022-10-10_104015.fic Notes: 'FRANCE BORDEAUX 8C'
BORDEAUX 8B 69s 8B_BORDEAUX 8B_2022-10-10_103757.fic Notes: 'FRANCE BORDEAUX 8B'
Paris-Etendu 11s 11B_Paris-Etendu_2022-02-25_014604.fic Notes: 'Paris-Etendu 11B'
Paris-Etendu 82s 11B_Paris-Etendu_2022-02-26_122351.fic
Paris-Etendu 62s 11B_Paris-Etendu_2022-03-23_152127.fic
Paris-Etendu 39s 11B_Paris-Etendu_2022-10-28_114455.fic
Paris-Etendu 65s 11B_Paris-Etendu_2023-03-15_110755.fic
towerCast-m1 59s 7A_towerCast-m1_2021-10-13_115229.fic
M‚tropolitain 1 89s 6C_Métropolitain 1_2022-03-23_100414.fic
M‚tropolitain 1 208s 6C_Métropolitain 1_2022-03-23_151533.fic
M‚tropolitain 1 265s 6C_Métropolitain 1_2022-03-23_144709.fic
M‚tropolitain 1 269s 6C_Métropolitain 1_2022-03-23_100610.fic
M‚tropolitain 1 30s 6C_Métropolitain 1_2022-10-28_113014.fic
M‚tropolitain 1 32s 6C_Métropolitain 1_2023-03-09_140950.fic
M‚tropolitain 1 61s 6C_Métropolitain 1_2023-03-09_140826.fic
M‚tropolitain 1 2s 8B_Métropolitain 1_2023-11-17_115156.fic Notes: 'METROPOLITAIN FRANCE VALENCIENNES 2'
towerCast-m2 53s 7A_towerCast-m2_2021-10-13_115816.fic
M‚tropolitain 2 35s 8C_Métropolitain 2_2022-10-28_115947.fic
M‚tropolitain 2 87s 8C_Métropolitain 2_2023-03-10_124101.fic
Continental 61s 5C_Continental_2022-10-23_212001.fic Notes: 'Rambouillet Yvelines France'
Continental 120s 5C_Continental_2023-01-11_103045.fic Notes: 'Rambouillet Yvelines France'
EXPE TDF TFL 5A 3s 5A_EXPE TDF TFL 5A_2022-06-07_135132.fic Notes: 'test tour eiffel paris'
EXPE TDF TFL 5A 128s 001DA1_5A.fic Notes: 'test tour eiffel paris'
EXPE TDF TFL 5A 30s 5A_EXPE TDF TFL 5A_2022-10-28_120225.fic


DR HESSEN 70s 11C_DR HESSEN_2016-10-20_095333.fic Notes: 'DR Hessen'
Bayern 3s 12D_Bayern_2014-10-27_210949.fic
Berlin/BRBG K12D 36s 12D_Berlin_BRBG K12D_2020-10-05_092741.fic
K12 S-ANHALT 63s 12C_K12 S-ANHALT_2015-10-24_165805.fic
K12 S-ANHALT 180s 12C_K12_S-ANHALT_2015-10-25_105616.fic
Region Dresden 120s 7A_Region Dresden_2023-04-17_173847.fic Notes: 'DAB 7A Dresden'
Region Dresden 90s 7A_Region Dresden_2023-04-19_162933.fic
Region Dresden 97s 7A_Region Dresden_2023-04-24_161029.fic Notes: 'Service-ID-Update'
DR Berlin rbb 7D 1s 7D_DR Berlin rbb 7D_2015-07-21_161005.fic
hr Radio 4s 7B_hr Radio_2014-10-27_211045.fic Notes: 'FIG 021 to FM with oe1 and oe0'
hr Radio 167s 7B_hr Radio_2017-11-06_231201.fic
hr Radio 124s 7B_hr Radio_2018-01-11_183730.fic
hr Radio 57s hr_radio.fic
Ingolstadt 124s 11A_Ingolstadt_2016-03-24_110632.fic Notes: 'Ingolstadt'
BR Bayern 3s 11D_BR Bayern_2014-10-27_210911.fic Notes: 'FIG 011 022 06 to FM and 13'
BR Bayern 67s 11D_BR Bayern_2015-05-07_133533.fic
BR Bayern 168s 11D_BR Bayern_2015-05-07_133156.fic
BR Bayern 8s 10D_BR Bayern_2016-05-16_112836.fic
Bayern 129s 11D_Bayern_2020-10-14_064839.fic
DR Deutschland 4s 5C_2014-11-15_001558.fic Notes: 'QTH 06193 Petersberg'
DR Deutschland 33s 5C_DR Deutschland_2015-05-07_124842.fic Notes: 'DR Deutschland Munich'
DR Deutschland 29s 5C_DR Deutschland_2015-07-21_161428.fic
DR Deutschland 6s fic_dump_.fic
DR Deutschland 7s fic.fic
DR Deutschland 271s 5C_DR Deutschland_2017-11-06_192258.fic
DR Deutschland 13s 5C_DR Deutschland_2020-01-17_145428.fic Notes: '5C_DR Deutschland_2016-03-05_215232fic'
DR Deutschland 35s 5C_DR Deutschland_2020-01-17_171847.fic Notes: '5C_DR Deutschland_2020-01-17_171847fic'
DR Deutschland 32s 5C_DR Deutschland_2020-03-08_115012.fic Notes: '5C_DR Deutschland_2020-03-08_115012fic'
DR Deutschland 1375s 5c_bundeswarntag.fic Notes: '5C Bundeswarntag'
DR Deutschland 62s 5C_DR Deutschland_2020-10-11_165831.fic Notes: '5C_DR Deutschland_2020-10-11_165831fic'
DR Deutschland 39s 5C_DR Deutschland_2023-02-01_160757.fic
Augsburg 159s 9C_Augsburg_2016-02-27_125646.fic Notes: 'Augsburg'
S-ANHALT 4s 11C_2014-11-15_001707.fic Notes: 'QTH 06193 Petersberg'
DRS BW 8s 11B_DRS BW_2014-10-27_211104.fic Notes: 'FIG 022'
DRS BW 6s 11B_DRS BW_2015-01-17_143924.fic
DRS BW 33s 11B_DRS BW_2016-11-13_205239.fic
DRS BW 366s 11B_DRS BW_2017-11-06_231844.fic
DRS RP 1s 11A_DRS RP_2014-10-27_233605.fic Notes: 'Active new announcement'
SWR RP 60s 11A_SWR RP_2016-06-05_084841.fic Notes: '11A SWR RP'
SWR RP 5s aaaaa119.fic
SWR RP 343s 20200611_193016.fic
SWR RP 356s 20200611_234131.fic
SACHSEN 4s 6C_2014-11-15_001611.fic Notes: 'QTH 06193 Petersberg'
SACHSEN 4s 8D_2014-11-15_001638.fic Notes: 'QTH 06193 Petersberg'
THUERINGEN 4s 7B_2014-11-15_001621.fic Notes: 'QTH 06193 Petersberg'
SWR BW 3s 9D_SWR BW_2014-10-27_211019.fic
SWR BW 4s 8D_SWR BW_2014-10-27_211026.fic Notes: 'FIG 022'
SWR BW S 360s 8D_SWR BW S_2018-01-12_184345.fic
SWR BW S 19s 8A_SWR BW S_2020-10-13_164918.fic
Radio fuer NRW 489s 11D_Radio fuer NRW_2015-05-21_214756.fic
Radio fuer NRW 120s 11D_Radio fuer NRW_2015-08-09_171509.fic Notes: 'NRW Ensemble'
Radio fuer NRW 198s 11D_Radio fuer NRW_2021-04-02_152454.fic Notes: 'From NRW-WDR'
Radio fuer NRW 120s 11D_Radio fuer NRW_2022-10-31_114645.fic Notes: 'WDR'
NDR NDS 42s 12A_NDR NDS_2015-01-14_212349.fic Notes: 'Faulty frequency information from transmitter please upload a new FIC'
NDR NDS 78s 10A_NDR NDS_2016-12-29_183554.fic Notes: '10A NDR NDS Osnabrück'
NDR NDS 2s 7A_2020-01-17_145105.fic Notes: '7A_2020-01-17_145105fic'
NDR NDS 20s 7A_NDR NDS_2020-01-17_173736.fic Notes: '7A_NDR NDS_2020-01-17_173736fic'
NDR NDS 45s 7A_NDR NDS_2020-01-17_151126.fic Notes: '7A_2020-01-17_145105fic'
NDR NDS 33s 7A_NDR NDS_2020-03-08_113650.fic Notes: '7A_NDR NDS_2020-03-08_113650fic'
NDR NDS 39s 7A_NDR NDS_2020-03-08_114545.fic Notes: '7A_NDR NDS_2020-03-08_114545fic'
NDR MV 60s 12B_NDR MV_2015-10-22_063002.fic
NDR MV 62s 12B_NDR MV_2015-10-23_054101.fic Notes: 'NDR MV Schwerin'
NDR MV 62s 12B_NDR MV_2015-10-28_214054.fic
NDR MV 63s 11B_NDR MV_2015-10-28_183053.fic
NDR MV 81s 11B_NDR MV_2015-10-30_061417.fic
NDR MV 77s 11B_NDR MV_2016-11-13_215456.fic
NDR MV 32s 10C_NDR MV_2019-05-05_084657.fic Notes: '10C Neubrandenburg'
NDR MV HRO 65s 11B_NDR MV HRO_2020-07-09_132602.fic
NDR MV HRO 61s 11B_NDR MV HRO_2020-08-25_172745.fic
NDR MV HRO 34s 11B_NDR MV HRO_2020-09-23_180217.fic
NDR MV HRO 35s 11B_NDR MV HRO_2020-10-05_092559.fic Notes: 'Service Following check'
NDR SH HL 125s 9A_NDR SH HL_2023-03-31_144622.fic Notes: '9A NDR Lübeck'
NDR SH HL 31s 9A_NDR SH HL_2023-05-22_215858.fic
NDR MV NB 59s 10C_NDR MV NB_2020-08-25_172620.fic
NDR MV NB 34s 10C_NDR MV NB_2020-09-23_182250.fic Notes: 'Service Following FIG021 FIG024 updated'
NDR MV HGW 180s 8B_NDR MV HGW_2020-07-09_135912.fic
NDR MV HGW 60s 8B_NDR MV HGW_2020-08-25_172859.fic
NDR MV HGW 35s 8B_NDR MV HGW_2020-09-23_183327.fic Notes: 'Service Following FIG021 FIG024 updated'
NDR MV HGW 35s 8B_NDR MV HGW_2021-02-26_124027.fic Notes: 'new service following after K11D start'
NDR MV HGW 32s 8B_NDR MV HGW_2021-04-08_140822.fic Notes: 'NDR 8B April 2021'
NDR MV HGW 31s 8B_NDR MV HGW_2021-10-21_113358.fic Notes: 'ServiceFollowingData'
Oberpfalz 3s 12D_2019-02-17_110300.fic
NDR NDS HAN 63s 7A_NDR NDS HAN_2020-10-11_170320.fic Notes: '7A_NDR NDS HAN_2020-10-11_170320fic NDR Kultur ohne Verkehrsfunk'
NDR NDS HAN 62s 7A_NDR NDS HAN_2020-10-13_180430.fic
NDR NDS HAN 40s 7A_NDR NDS HAN_2023-02-01_160913.fic
NDR NDS HAN 34s 7A_NDR NDS HAN_2023-08-01_142931.fic Notes: 'NDR NDS Hannover 7A Während Verkehrsfunk auf N-Joy'
NDR NDS HAN 42s 7A_NDR NDS HAN_2023-08-01_142648.fic Notes: 'NDR NDS Hannover 7A'
HESSEN NORD 3s HessenNord_2018-07-06_082542.fic
L™beck K9D 33s 9D_Lübeck K9D_2021-05-31_091457.fic Notes: 'LuebeckFM SID change'
L™beck K9D 129s 9D_Lübeck K9D_2023-03-31_145047.fic Notes: '9D Lübeck'
L™beck K9D 30s 9D_Lübeck K9D_2023-04-09_094059.fic Notes: 'Luebeck 9D April 9th'
L™beck K9D 30s 9D_Lübeck K9D_2023-05-22_215811.fic
L™beck K9D 31s 9D_Lübeck K9D_2023-05-28_214121.fic Notes: 'linking complete'
Antenne DE 35s 5D_Antenne DE_2020-10-05_092501.fic
Antenne DE 124s 5D_Antenne DE_2020-10-07_172627.fic Notes: 'Antenne Deutschland'
Antenne DE 63s 5D_Antenne DE_2020-10-08_170210.fic Notes: '5D_Antenne DE_2020-10-08_170210fic'
Antenne DE 32s 5D_Antenne DE_2021-08-04_133604.fic Notes: 'Beats Radio to Klassik Radio'
Antenne DE 33s 5D_Antenne DE_2021-08-16_101736.fic Notes: 'Rock Antenne SID change to 121B'
Antenne DE 40s 5D_Antenne DE_2023-02-01_153156.fic Notes: '2 BUMU 20230201'
Antenne DE 248s 9B_Antenne DE_2023-07-31_142050.fic
Antenne DE 40s 5D_Antenne DE_2023-08-01_140247.fic Notes: 'Antenne Deutschland 5D mit OldieAntenneohne Antenne Bayern'
Antenne DE 139s 9B_Antenne DE_2023-08-15_091616.fic
Mein NRW DAB+ 89s 9D_Mein NRW DABplus_2022-10-31_112829.fic Notes: 'Mein NRW DAB+'
Mein NRW DAB+ 302s 9D_Mein NRW DABplus_2022-10-31_113117.fic Notes: 'Mein NRW DAB+'
Mein NRW DAB+ 108s 9D_Mein NRW DABplus_2022-11-02_110015.fic
Mein NRW DAB+ 129s 9D_Mein NRW DABplus_2023-07-31_141802.fic
Mein NRW DAB+ 394s 9D_Mein NRW DABplus_2023-08-15_091900.fic
Mein NRW DAB+ 73s 9D_Mein NRW DABplus_2023-09-01_103249.fic
NI BRAUNSCW K11B 3s 11B_NI BRAUNSCW K11B_2023-08-07_205630.fic
NI HANNOVER K8C 39s 8C_NI HANNOVER K8C_2023-08-01_135423.fic Notes: 'Privat Mux 8C HannoverNiedersachsen'
NI HANNOVER K8C 76s 8C_NI HANNOVER K8C_2023-08-17_113518.fic Notes: 'Privat Mux 8C HannoverNiedersachsen mit Oldie-Antenne Verlinkung'
Berlin/BRBG 7B 2s 7B_Berlin_BRBG 7B_2015-07-21_160546.fic
Muenchen 18s 11C_Muenchen_2017-09-02_234053.fic
DAB+ Leipzig 120s 6C_DABplus Leipzig_2018-02-06_143322.fic


DIG I02 124s 10C_DIG I02_2021-01-04_173823.fic Notes: 'digris Tessin10C_DIG I02'
DAB+ RAI 300s 12A_DAB RAI_2015-01-03_115044.fic Notes: 'In Portogruaro Italy - RAI signal'
DAB+ RAI 26s 12D_DABplus RAI_2015-08-16_170232.fic Notes: 'New RAI Mux Italy'
DAB+ RAI 116s 12B_DABplus RAI_2018-02-26_183920.fic Notes: '12b'
DAB+ RAI 156s 12B_DAB_RAI_2019-01-30_021306.fic Notes: 'RAI DAB+ 12B Campo dei Fiori'
DAB+ RAI 35s 12B_DAB_RAI_2019-08-02_005057.fic
DAB+ RAI 303s 12B_DAB_RAI_2019-10-06_160414.fic
DAB+ RAI 603s 12B_DABplus RAI_2022-04-29_192357.fic
EuroDAB Italia 70s 12A_EuroDAB Italia_2016-10-26_122300.fic
EuroDAB Italia 7s 12A_EuroDAB Italia_2018-02-26_184931.fic
EuroDab Italia 26s 12A_EuroDab Italia_2018-09-21_180808.fic
Club DAB Italia 300s 12C_Club DAB Italia_2015-01-03_115625.fic Notes: 'In Portogruaro Italy - Club DAB Italia signal'
Club DAB Italia 1s 12C_Club DAB Italia_2015-08-16_142218.fic
* DAB Italia * 105s 12C__ DAB Italia __2018-02-26_184444.fic
RADIODIG TO CN 33s 12D_RADIODIG TO CN_2020-03-03_192106.fic
MEDIADAB 271s 7C_MEDIADAB_2022-02-09_215806.fic
RAS2-DAB 121s 10D_RAS2-DAB_2015-06-04_171346.fic

Korea (South)

YTN DMB 4s 5A_2018-01-04_122643.fic
YTN DMB 4s korea_ytn_20200805.fic
QBS 4s 5A_2018-01-04_121515.fic
MBC DMB 4s 5A_2018-01-04_121308.fic
SBS u 4s 5A_2018-01-04_121753.fic
U-KBS 4s 5A_2018-01-04_120509.fic
U-KBS 4s 5A_2018-01-04_122450.fic
U1 DMB 4s 5A_2018-01-04_122239.fic


LUX-NAT 64s 7D_LUX-NAT_2020-09-24_205043.fic Notes: 'Lux-Nat from Dudelange'


DAB Melbourne 1 14s daump_fic_crcplusplus.fic
DAB Melbourne 1 27s dump_fic_d.fic
DAB Melbourne 1 33s dump_fic35_3.fic
DAB Melbourne 1 272s dump_fic35.fic


MCR1 128s 8A_MCR1_2019-02-13_232134.fic
MCR2 132s 12B_MCR2_2019-02-13_233621.fic
MCR2 62s 12B_MCR2_2020-07-05_020334.fic


NPO 63s 12C_NPO_2015-08-09_171728.fic Notes: '12C National Netherlands'
NPO 163s 12C_NPO_2015-10-08_174456.fic
NPO 127s 12C_NPO_2016-05-07_095331.fic
DAB+ 12s 11C_DABplus_2014-10-28_142616.fic
DAB+ 160s 11C_DABplus_2015-08-09_170402.fic Notes: '11C National DAB Netherlands'
DAB+ 120s 11C_DAB_2016-05-07_095030.fic
DAB+ 73s 11C_DABPlus_2016-12-28_204818.fic Notes: '11C NL'
DAB+ Oost 87s 6B.fic
DAB+ Oost 151s 6B_DABplus Oost_2015-08-09_165805.fic Notes: 'DAB Oost Regional Netherlands'
6B Oost-Noord NL 120s 6B_Regio Oost-Noord_2016-05-07_094813.fic
6B Oost-Noord NL 201s 6B_6B Oost-Noord NL_2017-02-28_212308.fic Notes: '6B Oost en Noord'
6B Oost-Noord NL 25s 6B_6B Oost-Noord NL_2018-08-01_173321.fic Notes: '6b OOST-NEDERLAND'
DAB+ Zuid 111s 7A_DAB Zuid_2015-08-09_171929.fic
7A Zuid NL 60s 7A_7A Zuid NL_2016-06-05_081755.fic Notes: '7A Regio Zuid'
DAB+ Zuidwest 90s 9D_DABplus Zuidwest_2015-06-10_200318.fic Notes: 'VRT DAB test Gent'
MTVNL 147s 11B_MTVNL_2015-10-08_214258.fic


Norge Riks 60s 12D_Norge Riks_2015-06-30_142947.fic
Hord/Sogn & Fjo 60s 12B_Hord_Sogn and Fjo_2015-06-30_142132_fic.fic
NRK Reg3 SørRog 122s 13F_NRK Reg3 SørRog_2017-06-01_075954.fic
NRK Reg3 SørRog 105s 13F_NRK Reg3 SørRog_2019-09-05_110112.fic
Bergen 136s 11D_Bergen_2015-06-30_152727.fic


Polskie Radio 60s 11B_Polskie Radio_2017-01-13_071205.fic Notes: 'Olsztyn 11B'
Polskie Radio 60s 11B_Polskie Radio_2018-09-17_092302.fic Notes: 'Olsztyn 11B'
Polskie Radio 3s 12D_2015-10-02_191528.fic


Slovenia DAB+ R1 38s 10D_Slovenia DAB R1_2019-05-24_195302.fic Notes: 'Slovenia DAB+ R1 10D 2019-05-24'
Slovenia DAB+ R1 38s 10D_Slovenia DAB+ R1_2019-05-24_195302.fic Notes: 'Slovenia R1 10D 2019-05-24'
Slovenia DAB+ R1 63s 10D_Slovenia DAB+ R1_2019-05-24_194600.fic Notes: 'Slovenia 10D 2019-05-24'
SLO DAB+ R1 300s 10D_SLO DAB R1_2022-09-09_080256.fic
SLO DAB+ R2 W 90s 12C_SLO DAB R2 W_2022-09-09_080054.fic


SR RIKS DAB 30s 12B_SR RIKS DAB_2014-10-07_215407.fic
SR RIKS DAB 604s 12B_SR RIKS DAB_2014-10-29_215722.fic Notes: 'Reconfig'
SR RIKS DAB 1s 12B_SR RIKS DAB_2014-12-18_231031.fic Notes: 'QTH Malmo Sweden'
SR G×TEBORG 120s 12B_SR GÖTEBORG_2022-10-27_182100.fic


SRG SSR D01 8s 12C_SRG SSR D01_2014-10-27_211004.fic
SRG SSR D01 194s 12C_SRG SSR D01_2016-11-29_100110.fic
SMC_D02 5s 7D_SMC_D02_2014-10-27_211035.fic
SRG SSR I01 125s 12A_SRG SSR I01_2019-01-30_022751.fic Notes: 'SRG SSR I01 12A'
SRG SSR I01 333s 12A_SRG SSR I01_2019-04-01_235331.fic Notes: 'Lugano'
SRG SSR I01 134s 12A_SRG SSR I01_cremenaga2019-07-09_131755.fic
SRG SSR I01 2332s 12A_SRG SSR I01_2021-02-08_165637.fic Notes: '12A Lugano'
SRG SSR I01 502s 12A_SRG SSR I01_2022-02-09_001038.fic
SMC_D02 39s 7D_SMC_D02_2016-11-29_095056.fic
SMC D03 N-CH 3s 7A_SMC D03 N-CH_2014-10-27_211056.fic Notes: 'FIG 16'
DIG I02 276s 10C_DIG I02_2019-02-20_182628.fic Notes: 'DIGRIS I02 10C San Bartolomeo'
SMC_I03 266s 8C_SMC_I03_2021-01-04_174054.fic Notes: 'SMC Ticino 8C'
SMC_I03 252s 8C_SMC_I03_2022-02-09_002004.fic
DIG D04 - ZURICH 68s 9A_DIG D04 - ZURICH_2016-11-29_095145.fic


ONT 69s 10D_ONT_2023-05-16_043531.fic Notes: 'Tunis ONT DAB+ multiplex on 10D'

United Kingdom

#EuroDab Italia 2203s 12D_EuroDab Italia_2022-08-01_142613.fic
#EuroDab Italia 225s 12D_#EuroDab Italia_2022-08-01_151333.fic
#EuroDab Italia 2203s 12D_#EuroDab Italia_2022-08-01_142613.fic
#EuroDab Italia 120s 12A_#EuroDab Italia_2022-09-08_151818.fic
#EuroDab Italia 120s 12A_#EuroDab Italia_2022-09-08_152700.fic
#EuroDab Italia 120s 12A_EuroDab Italia_2022-09-08_151818.fic Notes: 'Villach'
#EuroDab Italia 120s 12A_EuroDab Italia_2022-09-26_102713.fic Notes: 'Villach'
D1 National 181s 11D_D1 National_2015-01-26_204009.fic Notes: 'Digital 1 UK National service'
D1 National 30s 11D_D1 National_2016-02-14_172645.fic Notes: 'D1 National on last day before SDL Trade Tests commence'
D1 National 31s 11D_D1 National_2016-02-29_054922.fic Notes: 'D1 National on first day of SDL National full service - added Heart Xtra changed Abs 80s Old and zPlanet Rock'
D1 National 180s 11D_D1 National_2017-03-14_000146.fic Notes: 'Heart 80s replaces BFBS Radio'
D1 National 181s 11D_D1 National_2018-04-13_145944.fic
D1 National 180s 11D_D1 National_2019-01-07_104536.fic
Manchester 180s 11C_Manchester_2016-03-09_223019.fic Notes: 'Manchester'
Manchester 106s 11C_Manchester_2016-03-22_180523.fic Notes: 'renaming of services Capital Heart Smooth'
Manchester 180s 12C_Manchester_2016-05-26_170032.fic Notes: 'Change from 11C to 12C'
Manchester 181s 12C_Manchester_2019-01-07_101355.fic
London 1 30s 12C_London 1_2016-02-17_165033.fic Notes: 'London 1'
London 1 24s LONDON1.fic
London 1 57s london_1.fic
London 2 30s 12A_London 2_2016-02-17_164952.fic Notes: 'London 2'
Bristol 437s DUMP_FIC174928_0322_160514.fic Notes: 'Bristol in UK'
Bristol 499s uk_bristol_fic.fic
Bristol 1173s UK_BRISTOL_FIC_.fic
Liverpool 31s 11B_Liverpool_2016-03-22_180438.fic
Liverpool 180s 10C_Liverpool_2016-04-20_165219.fic Notes: 'Liverpool changes from 11B to 10C'
Liverpool 33s 10C_Liverpool_2017-10-01_140641.fic
N. Ireland 178s 12D_N_ Ireland_2017-04-08_151721.fic
Lancashire 46s 12A_Lancashire_2016-03-09_173520.fic Notes: 'Lancashire'
Lancashire 180s 12A_Lancashire_2016-03-09_174748.fic Notes: 'Lancashire'
Lancashire 180s 12A_Lancashire_2016-03-22_180756.fic Notes: 'renaming of services Capital Heart Smooth'
Lancashire 255s 12A_Lancashire_2016-06-01_170057.fic Notes: 'Addition of 2BR'
Lancashire 181s 12A_Lancashire_2018-04-13_145053.fic
Lancashire 176s 12A_Lancashire_2019-01-07_100241.fic
London 3 35s 11B_London 3_2016-02-17_164903.fic Notes: 'London 3'
Essex 31s 12D_Essex_2016-02-20_192711.fic Notes: 'Essex'
Bournemouth 9s bmth230519.fic Notes: 'bad reception'
Leicestershire 30s 11B_Leicestershire_2016-02-14_173508.fic
South Hampshire 19s sthhants230519.fic Notes: 'South Hampshire'
Sussex 19s sussex230519.fic
Kent 182s 11C_Kent_2015-01-26_203035.fic
Stoke & Stafford 10s 12D_Stoke and Stafford_2019-02-06_103729_001.fic Notes: 'test 001'
Stoke & Stafford 67s 12D_StokeStafford_2019-02-06_104006.fic
Nottinghamshire 30s 12C_Nottinghamshire_2016-02-14_172103.fic Notes: 'Nottinghamshire DAB Multiplex'
NE Wales W Chesh 180s 10D_NE Wales W Chesh_2016-03-09_223336.fic Notes: 'NE Wales W Chesh'
NE Wales W Chesh 120s 10D_NE Wales W Chesh_2016-04-09_145405.fic Notes: 'Addition of Chris Country DAB+'
NE Wales W Chesh 161s 10D_NE Wales W Chesh_2016-08-03_172252.fic Notes: 'Nation Gold replaces Chris Country Capital Wrexham replaces Capital Liverpool'
NE Wales W Chesh 187s 10D_NE Wales W Chesh_2017-03-10_141516.fic Notes: 'Addition of Cheesy FM DAB+ and Chris Country DAB+'
NE Wales W Chesh 172s 10D_NE Wales W Chesh_2018-04-13_142453.fic
NE Wales W Chesh 180s 10D_NE Wales W Chesh_2019-01-07_102631.fic
Lincolnshire 30s 12A_Lincolnshire_2016-02-14_172601.fic
Derbyshire 30s 10B_Derbyshire_2016-02-14_172726.fic
North West Wales 189s 12D_North West Wales_2016-08-30_172112.fic
North West Wales 180s 12D_North West Wales_2019-01-07_103234.fic
North West Wales 32s 10D_North West Wales_2019-02-25_120139.fic
Trial Brighton 120s btn220519.fic Notes: 'Trial Brighton mux'
Trial Brighton 19s ficbtn280719.fic
Trial London 31s 9A_Trial London_2016-02-17_164747.fic Notes: 'London Trial'
Trial Glasgow 62s 10B_Trial Glasgow_2018-12-18_203228.fic
Trial Portsmouth 120s 1104data.fic
Trial Portsmouth 9s ports230519.fic Notes: 'Trial Portsmouth mux'
SDL National 31s 11A_SDL National_2016-02-19_180309.fic Notes: 'SDL National with all services now labelled Virgin talkSPORT2 talkRADIO'
SDL National 30s 11A_SDL National_2016-02-29_054803.fic Notes: 'SDL National on launch day'
SDL National 180s 11A_SDL National_2017-03-09_133002.fic Notes: 'Addition of Union Jack'
SDL National 180s 11A_SDL National_2018-04-13_145518.fic
SDL National 179s 11A_SDL National_2019-01-07_103841.fic
BBC National DAB 14s fic24.fic
BBC National DAB 6s fig_dump.fic
BBC National DAB 31s 12B_BBC National DAB_2016-02-14_172504.fic
BBC National DAB 27s 12B_BBC National DAB_2016-03-11_094708.fic Notes: 'During Daily Service and SportsX'
BBC National DAB 28s 12B_BBC National DAB_2016-03-11_085436.fic Notes: 'BBC National while Parliament and SportsX on air'
BBC National DAB 30s 12B_BBC National DAB_2016-03-11_090038.fic Notes: 'During operation of SportsX and R2Country'
BBC National DAB 12s 12B_BBC National DAB_2016-09-29_134302.fic Notes: '12B BBC DAB Douglas Isle of Man'
BBC National DAB 335s 12B_BBC National DAB_2016-09-29_134528.fic Notes: '12B BBC DAB Douglas Isle of Man'
BBC National DAB 180s 12B_BBC National DAB_2017-03-09_132003.fic Notes: 'Addition of BBC R2Country'
BBC National DAB 180s 12B_BBC National DAB_2019-01-07_105115.fic
BBC National DAB 16s BBC.fic


DAB Vaticano 479s 12D_DAB Vaticano_2018-04-17_030455.fic

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